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Soccer Year 2024-2025 Registration

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About Us

"Player Development through Integrity and Respect for the Game!"

Arsenal FC Hawaii Staff Registration

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The main thing for our coaches is to treat the players with respect, ensure safe development and let them just be happy on the field. Once they chose to be a coach for the sake of their children and now - so that every young player can get the experience of a comfortable, effective learning.
All our coaches take care about every player, use their positivity and share the Aloha with everyone. The most important thing is to be sure that players have passion for the game and not loose that passion.
"The main thing is safety. My philosophy is to protect children. Teach them the right things. Soccer is not only about how to play it, but about how to be an adult, about manners, about life. This is the main thing."

Coach Chico, 
Club Goal Keeper Coach 

"We should let them be happy and have fun. Many people leave the sport because coaches do not allow them to be their true selves on the field. We need to make sure they have a good time, they don't get injured or burn out in training and games. We should create the best environment for children."

Coach Jimmy, 
Arsenal FC Hawaii 07 Girls

"First of all, I care about the players as individuals, then about their athletic abilities. They are all different. They learn in different ways, they achieve success in different ways. The important thing is that they enjoy it."

Coach Kelly, 
Arsenal FC Hawaii 07 Girls

Our players always show respect to each other, to the coaches and to the opponents on the field. This is one of the main things coaches teach them by example. They learn to make decisions and be committed to other participants in the game. They help and support each other and aspire to be a united team both on the field and in life.
For our players Arsenal FC Hawaii becomes a place where they can be open, not be afraid to make mistakes and learn with pleasure. All this makes them truly in love with sports and soccer. Helps them to play on the field with passion and give their all to the game.
"I like soccer because it's a sport where you can create many opportunities. If you want to get better you should always practice. Even if you're busy there are always small things that you can do. Anything helps because consistent practice really makes it a lot easier to make yourself better. And if something goes wrong I can alway go to my coaches, my teammates or my family for support."

Jayde J Gulisao 
Arsenal FC Hawaii 07 Girls

"I like soccer because of my teammates. We have really good chemistry, they always know the right things to say at the right time. We live all our emotions together so we are like sisters."

Zinn Kurose
Arsenal FC Hawaii 07 Girls

"Soccer is a sport where I can connect to other players and make new friends. It really helps me to get away from negative things that I'm thinking over."

Talalupe Levale 
Arsenal FC Hawaii 07 Girls

"Soccer gives me a chance to be active and learn new skills. Sometimes it gets really challenging but I just push through and try my hardest. My mother is always my number one supporter so just don't give up and keep going!"

Kayla Jossem
Arsenal FC Hawaii 07 Girls

In Arsenal FC Hawaii we don't just train kids how to play. We train them to be good players on a field and good people in life. We teach them to respect, be committed and passioned about what they are doing.

Arsenal FC 07G win Starfire Spring Classic 2023!

Respect, Commitment, and Passion at its core!

The Arsenal FC 07G challenged themselves at the end of the season by playing in their first ever mainland tournament in Tukwila, WA (near Seattle). The Arsenal Ladies tested themselves against 3 Canadian teams. We won the first 2 games and tied the 3rd game. Our undefeated streak gave us the 2nd place berth into the Championship Match against Fraser Valley Selects Canada 2.  We thrive being labeled the underdogs! Our girls exemplified Arsenal Futbol through and through. Though the other team played extremely rough and dirty, our girls never let them get the better of us. When the other team was grabbing and climbing on our backs, we stood strong, held our ground and gave them a smile as we shielded the ball and kept possession, and ultimately out scored them. Our ladies played fierce, yet technically and tactically solid! What a journey to bring home the Championship Cup for our Arsenal FC Hawaii Ohana! Special shout out to our new Canadian friends from Coastal FC 07F Royal for giving us their good luck flag!

Tryouts for 2024-2025 Season!



 Teams for 2024-2025 soccer year:

Arsenal FC 13B (Boys Born 2013-2014)

Arsenal FC 12B (Boys Born 2012)

Arsenal FC 10G (Girls Born 2010-2011)

Arsenal FC 09B (Boys Born 2009-2010)

Arsenal FC 07G (Girls Born 2007-2009)


Registration for 2024-2025 Opens in June!

3 Steps to complete your Player Registration:

1. Register as an Arsenal FC Hawaii Player.  Please note that the Player Kit is NOT INCLUDED in this registration. Player kits will be ordered directly through our team store at

2. Register for your HYSA Player Pass at

3. Order your Player Kit at our Team Store by clicking on the link in the email that your uniform is ready to order.  Your Jersey number will already be assigned to you. For returning players: if your uniform still fits, you do not need to order a new Uniform Kit. 

Lucky We Live Hawaii

Arsenal FC Hawaii

Player Development is always at the forefront of our club philosophy. The mission of Arsenal FC Hawaii is to teach youth to play high quality soccer with integrity and respect for the game. Our club is based out of the West Oahu area, though all players are welcomed to tryout regardless of where they may reside.

ALL our coaches are certified and/or licensed appropriately for the ages they coach. Coaches devise and plan training sessions based on what is developmentally appropriate in each stage of learning by considering Physical, Social, Emotional, and Mental aspects of the player.  Come play the Arsenal Way: With Respect, Commitment, and Passion!

Check the Cost to Play for Arsenal FC Hawaii for the 2024-2025 Soccer Year

Please click on the document for the year/team your player would be playing on to learn what the cost is and how it's used. 

Spring 2024 season underway!

Arsenal FC 07G

07G Last Game of the Season at Waialae Iki Field

Congratulations to all our Arsenal Teams for making it through another season! Thank you to our coaches for continuing to teach our players The Arsenal Way: to play with Respect, Commitment, and Passion!

We Respect the game by playing with good sportsmanship even though no one is asking us to. We show this by acknowledging and cheering for good play by both teams and for good calls made by the referees.  We also show respect by being ready to warmup or play when the coach says it’s time. We respect the organizers of the league when they have had to make tough decisions about cancelling the season for the safety of the players and the dangerous conditions of the field.

We play with Commitment when we show up for our team week after week and season after season for the entire soccer year.  We play with Commitment when we do extra to make our individual efforts more impactful and efficient.  We play with Commitment when we make a decision to do something and then follow through without hesitation whether we are on the pitch or not.

We play with Passion when we play for each other with a full heart and joy.  Arsenal players are known for leaving all their efforts on the field.  There should be no energy left after the game is done.  Whether your time was spent running, dribbling, passing, cheering, or leading we give all we have and demand the same from our teammates and coaches. 

Good luck to all our teams as they continue their journey  ramp up for  the 2024-2025 soccer year!

Arsenal FC 11B
Arsenal FC 07G

Arsenal FC 07G After a muddy victory at Volcano Tournament in Hilo, HI

Program Information for Fall 2024

Meet the Coaches!

Arsenal FC 07G: HC Elaina Paredes (Coach P), AC Kelly Martinez, AC Ronnie Oliveros, AC Jimmy Lam

Arsenal FC 09B: HC Andy Caday , AC AJ CADAY (Training Only)

Arsenal FC 10G: HC Matt Rivera, AC Kelly Martinez, AC Ronnie Oliveros

Arsenal FC 12B: HC Lamont Thomas, AC Eric Amorozo 

Arsenal FC 13B Red: HC Tom Foster, AC Gina Foster, AC Steven Fields


Try us out! It’s important the player feels comfortable with the team’s culture!


Arsenal FC 07G- Girls Born 2007 - 2009 (4:30 - 7:00PM Waikele Community Park Monday/Wednesday) TRYOUTS: ONGOING

Arsenal FC 09B- Boys Born 2009 (5:00 - 7:00 PM Waikele Community Park Monday/Wednesday)

Arsenal FC 10G- Girls Born 2010 - 2011 (4:30 - 7:00PM Waikele Community Park Monday/Wednesday)

Arsenal FC 12B- Boys Born 2012 (5:00 - 7:00 PM Waikele Community Park Tuesday/Thursday)

Arsenal FC 13B  Boys Born 2013-2014 (4:45- 6:30 PM Waikele Community Park Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday )

Please wear a grey shirt, bring your own ball, and water.  Get ready to have a lot of fun learning new things, making new friends, and strengthening old friendships!


Contact us at for exact days, times, and locations. 

Elaina Paredes

Director of Operations

Phone: (808)218-8236